Traffic Fine Management and the AARTO system [Part 2]

As discussed in our previous blog, drivers and companies can suffer from the consequences of having licences suspended or cancelled, including loss of productivity or income. Companies can become more proactive by finding out what the points are against a driver's identity number and taking steps to avoid negative outcomes, and TFMS will help customers to do this. The benefits of the AARTO system for companies are clear but administering a process that can efficiently comply with the AARTO regulations is a laborious and painstaking task for Fleet Managers. Outsourcing traffic fine management to a corporate fleet management solution means that fleets can enjoy the benefits of the new system without Fleet Managers having to endure the pain of implementing and monitoring every aspect themselves. 

How Avis Fleet can help with Traffic Fine Management

Apart from monitoring the demerit points, TFMS also supplies our customers with a reporting portal. Fleet Managers can now use fine management to see how many fines were incurred every month and which of their drivers are receiving these fines. AARTO is still in its pilot phase in Johannesburg and Pretoria and the demerit system has not been fully implemented, and in the rest of the country AARTO is running concurrently with the CPA system. TFMS is built around the AARTO system but also caters to the outgoing CPA system. Our monthly reporting will show which drivers have incurred fines, what they have received fines for, and how many fines they have against them; meaning that Avis Fleet will benefit your fleet management whether you are working with the old system or the new.

The Traffic Fine Management Solution

Dealing with traffic fines for a fleet of drivers all across the country can be a daunting task for fleet companies, big or small. Avis Fleet has an efficient infrastructure that has shown itself capable of dealing with customer volumes. We also have an experienced sales team representing our corporate fleet management countrywide and are able to cater to customer’s vehicles around the country irrespective of where financing takes place. Customers can also call Avis Fleet for support on our toll-free line. TFMS will help you stay on top of all of your fleet’s traffic infringements. Fine management has full dashboard capabilities displaying:


  • Top 10 fine issuing authorities for your fleet
  • Infringements by region/account 
  • Infringement statuses
  • Infringements paid 
  • Infringements redirected
  • Infringements pending redirection, etc.
  • Top 10 offenders


The benefits of using TFMS

Using TFMS, companies will no longer have to bear the liability for fines incurred by their drivers and they will be able to save money. It also motivates the driver not to get fines, knowing that fines will be in his name and he will have to take responsibility for them. Avis Fleet customers can also use TFMS to access our reports showing what stage the fine is at. Fine management  removes the anxiety of not knowing what is being done about fines and allows customers to continually check the progress of fines. This solution also allows Fleet Managers to examine data and take preventative action. The biggest benefit of the system is that it’s extremely easy to use. Once we have all the relevant information, Avis Fleet will be able to take the difficulties out of the AARTO system and help you to enjoy its benefits.

Click here for more information on TFMS and other solutions that make all aspects of corporate fleet management, including fine management, efficient and easier.


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