Vehicle technology takes to the air with flying cars

Flying cars have always featured in stories that depict our future world. They have been a staple in science fiction movies and provide a glimpse of a future where we will use technology to make our dreams come true.

The flying car was popularised in the movie franchise, Back to the Future, with the first film being released in 1985. In the movie series, a young Michael J Fox travels with his eccentric scientist friend, Doc, in a flying car through time to gain insights into history and the future. This kind of vehicle technology might seem like a flight of fancy right now, but the idea has just come one step closer to fruition.

Freedom to fly

A company called Kitty Hawk, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, recently  announced a model named Flyer that was described as “an exciting first step to sharing the freedom of flight”. Details were released on, which included footage of the flying car being operated over a lake in Las Vegas.

Take a Flyer

Flyer has all-electric motors powered by lithium polymer batteries. It has small rotors on the wings that allow it to take off and land vertically, like a helicopter. At this stage, the vehicle is being flown over water and uncongested areas and has no price tag, but people who are interested in owning a Flyer are invited to make contact via the company’s website.

Where to from here?

Larry Page co-founded Google in 1998 and it grew from a Silicon Valley garage to the leading global tech company it is today. The Kitty Hawk project is of personal interest to Page, but is not part of Google’s vast operations. You have to wonder if his interest might make this venture one to keep an eye on. With flying cars now a reality, and self-driving and IoT-enabled vehicles already on the road, it might just be time to accept that the future has arrived.

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