VSS Accreditation for the Avis Fleet Telematics Solution

vis Fleet are pleased to announce that we successfully completed the VSS Accreditation test. VSS Administration specializes in vehicle security accreditation, and this consists of testing tracking and recovery products such as fleet telematics. This technology company specializes in telematics product approvals, tracking and recovery testing, radio frequency (RF) tracking and recovery testing, product certification, pre-inspection digital documentation and consultation.

Maintaining the highest standards

We know that our product offering is top of the line but you do not have to rely on our word alone. We made sure our fleet telematics tool is the best by putting it through stringent testing processes: it adheres to international standards but caters for South African conditions. VSS test every aspect of telematics to make sure that the lifetime performance of the unit is consistently high and that the electronic performance is of the right standard. Part of the trial involves a road test that includes a simulated theft. There is also a signal jamming simulation which gauges the unit’s recovery capabilities. This thorough process guarantees the quality of our product. Our reputation as the best fleet management company is important to us but the safety of our customers is the key.

For more information about how our fleet telematics solution achieved VSS accreditation download our whitepaper.

Avis Fleet is a fleet management company with longstanding experience and expertise to help companies optimize their vehicle fleets. Avis Fleet Telematics is part of a range of solutions designed to enhance fleet management. For more information about our fleet solutions click here, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you might have regarding our services.

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