Ways to make your fleet more eco-friendly

 There is no denying that humans are having a negative impact on the environment. Over the last few years there have been more natural disasters that are caused by changes to our weather systems, there is global warming and our natural world is becoming more and more depleted and polluted. Our planet is going into an environmental crisis but what can we do to change its course? And are there ways that fleet management can help the planet?

Here are some ways that we can contribute to a greener world, starting with a green fleet. Fleet Managers are in an enviable position, their decisions can really have a positive impact on the planet. One of the first questions they should ask when it comes to including eco-friendly practices during the fleet procurement process is: ‘How can I make my fleet more eco-friendly?’

Here are some guidelines:

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are an attractive option for fleet managers who want to make their fleets greener. Partly powered by electricity, they use significantly less petrol-based fuels and also produce less harmful pollutants. Avis Fleet is able to procure hybrid vehicles, so Fleet Managers can choose to include these greener vehicles in their fleets.

Vehicle maintenance

Some of the ways you can ensure a more eco-friendly driving style are by ensuring that your vehicles are regularly serviced and are performing at an optimal level, by keeping tyres inflated to the proper pressure to reduce tyre friction and by reducing the overall weight of your car by emptying the boot regularly.

Eco-friendly driving style

Driving smoothly and avoiding aggressive acceleration and harsh braking are more eco-friendly since they will result in less energy wasted (our telematics solution can be used to indicate when drivers might need some training on driving more smoothly, see below). Other ways of driving in a more eco-friendly way include getting into a high gear as quickly as possible, allowing your vehicle to slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator, keeping your speed down, and turning off unnecessary extras in your vehicle such as the air conditioning.

Avis fleets helps you to drive down fleet costs and reduce carbon emissions with its green fleet solution which provides accurate information through:

Sweet spot quotation tool-for fleet procurement purposes

Using this tool, we can offer you the right vehicle, for the right time period and mileage. We take into consideration CO2 emissions so that you can manage every aspect of your fleet. Using the right vehicle for the task will ensure that you save on costs where fuel consumption and maintenance are concerned, but also keep harmful emissions as low a level as possible.

A vehicle database of carbon discharges

Avis Fleet make use of an extensive vehicle database of carbon discharges to inform fleets of carbon emissions for different vehicles. Fleet Managers can make sure that their fleets have the most favourable emissions; they are regularly updated on this information through our indicative reporting.


Another way that Fleet Managers can make their fleets more environmentally friendly is by using the telematics. This tool provides detailed information on driver behavior. Managers can ensure drivers are being as fuel efficient as possible, taking the most direct route, not speeding, not making unauthorised stops, not over-revving or braking too harshly.

For more information about our green fleet solution click here

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