What is intelligent fuel management?

Companies with fleets are collectively haemorrhaging hundreds of millions of rands a year in fuel fraud and theft. Avis Fleet has already saved 118 of its clients R16,6-million in the last three months, with projected savings for 2015 set at R66-million. Fleet drivers are the main culprits of forecourt theft, abusing their fuel cards. Understanding Intelligent Fuel Management, an Avis product, means you can save millions in fuel card fraud.

Are either of these your concerns about your fleet’s fuel cards?

  • I want to take control of my fleet’s fuel consumption but don’t know how.
  • I need to reduce the risk of fraud, theft and abuse of fleet fuel cards.

You can save between eight and 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Avis Fleet saves its customers between eight and 14% through intelligent fuel monitoring and driver behaviour analysis. This improves performance and eliminates unnecessary abuse and fraud.

Do you want to be rewarded for your fleet’s fuel consumption?

Fleet managers can receive significant fuel rebates from structured fuel partnerships that are geared to save fleet managers money.

What is Avis Fleet’s Intelligent Fuel Management product all about?

Avis Fleet developed its Intelligent Fuel Management product to tackle fraud on fuel cards. Fleet operating clients send their fuel usage data to Avis Fleet, which is then consolidated, examined and integrated into a single report.

In addition, Avis Fleet has set up a system to detect theft and fraud in real time, which allows them to investigate within the first three days of a transaction taking place. Previously, fleet operating clients could only receive a monthly deviation report.

Use Intelligent Fuel Management to achieve bottom-line savings.

Effective use of Intelligent Fuel Management provides the fleet manager with the necessary tools to achieve bottom-line savings. Intelligent Fuel Management saves up to 14% of a fleet operating client’s fuel consumption.

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