What’s better to buy – a new car or a pre-owned car?

It’s more common to buy some things second-hand than others. Many people will buy a second-hand jacket, but not many will use second-hand crockery. Second-hand technology or furniture is okay, but second-hand cosmetics are not. People usually shy away from more personal items. So where does that leave cars? It certainly makes good economic sense to buy these big-ticket items on the second-hand market – they’re still in good condition and can provide years of value provided they’re in good condition.

Is it better to get a new or a pre-owned car?

  • There are pros and cons to both, and the decision depends on the financial situation of the buyer. It’s always nice to get a car that is brand-new with perfect finishes and all the latest gadgets and devices.
  • Although there is a higher cost for insurance, tax and fees, a major plus is that many new cars have a service plan that covers the cost of a limited number of services for a stipulated period. New cars have a warranty that covers specific items for the warranty period. New cars also have higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions and adhere to high safety standards.
  • It might not seem as satisfying to get a pre-owned car, but there are some perceived advantages. They can be practically similar for a lower price. Dealing directly with a private seller might seem appealing to buyers who want to negotiate a better  price, but this option is not as convenient as the others. Pre-owned cars might not be covered by a warranty and it also opens up the buyer to security risks and fraud .
  • Although pre-owned cars might not have the latest features and technology, they are often as reliable as new cars. But the main disadvantage is that the buyer won’t know for certain if the car was well-looked after.

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