What your car colour says about your personality

Your choices can show a lot about you. From your clothes to your choice of shoes to your hairstyle, when you look closely the little details reveal character traits that people might not have even thought about. So it makes sense that your car will be an indicator of who you are too. Most people spend a lot of time deliberating about what kind of car they would like, researching the relative benefits of each car, the make and model, and…thinking about what colour they would like their car to be. Can car colour be a personality indicator: what’s the difference between someone who chooses a white car and someone who chooses a red one that’s otherwise exactly the same?

(Our descriptions are partly inspired by this article in Psychology Today)

Black: a black car indicates a driver who likes to be seen as classy. Black is often chosen by artistic and sensitive people.

White: white cars are widely known to have the best resale value so it’s no surprise that drivers who choose white are sensible. White indicates logical, organised people, who don’t like clutter.

Red: the colour of passion indicates a car owner who is full of life (and tends to exceed the speed limit).

Orange:  isn’t the most popular car colour, so someone who has an orange car isn’t afraid to stand out. It might also indicate that they can spot a deal: take a good car for less money and who cares what other people think.

Green: is the colour of nature and people who own green cars are in touch with themselves and their surroundings.

Blue: has long been seen as a colour of harmony. A blue car colour indicates an owner who is reliable and intellectual.

Grey: is a colour that indicates a mature driver or someone who puts value in convention. This is likely to be a safe driver who doesn’t need or want to stand out on the road.

Gold: is unsurprisingly a colour for people who value business. This car colour indicates optimism: a driver who can look on the bright side.

Silver: shows a taste for the good life. Someone who drives a silver car is likely to put a high premium on status.

Cars come in a multitude of colours, so whether you have gone for one of the above options or have sought out something more outlandish, you are showcasing some part of your personality in your car colour. Driving down any road you will get a sense of the many kinds of people there are out there, it’s good to know we live in a world of such diversity.

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