What's not to love about Telematics

Fleet management has never been more efficient.  With the Avis Fleet Telematics solution, you can improve many aspects of your fleet’s performance. Using this kind of mobile workforce technology means managers can harness the information gained from telematics to run their fleets in the best way possible.  Every one of your drivers has the tools at hand to make them more effective at their tasks. So what are some of the benefits?


  • Cost saving through more efficient processes

  • Drivers get the most efficient routes with telematics

  • Monitoring speeding, over-revving, excessive idle

  • Reduce accidents or make the process of dealing with them easier

  • Less time spent doing administrative tasks because of digitised systems

  • Better communication overall

  • Reduced downtime, more effective repair and maintenance

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As a fleet management company with longstanding experience and expertise, Avis Fleet have many solutions to make your business more efficient. With our 
telematics solutionwe can help you optimise your fleet’s performance.”

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