Women in the fleet industry: On the road to success

Women are increasingly making their mark in the fleet industry and showing they are intelligent and talented. But while there have been advances, is there still room for improvement when it comes to the issue of gender equality?

Like their male counterparts, women Fleet Managers have to be on top of every aspect of  the business, including procuring vehicles, maintenance, fuel efficiency, accident management and the impact of their vehicles on the environment. It is an industry that demands engagement with a lot of people including executives, salespeople, representatives from leasing companies and manufacturers. In this blog we take a look at women in corporate fleet management and their place in the industry.

The challenges that women face

Women in the fleet industry, as in every industry, still face discrimination in the workplace. The latest Mckinsey report on women in the workplace shows there is still a long way to go regarding equality in companies (countries surveyed include Europe and America).

Reasons are complex; many companies pay lip service to equality but in practice don’t hire or promote women. More than 75% of CEOs surveyed included gender equality in their top priorities, but this isn’t borne out by the number of women in high position jobs for corporate companies. Attitudes towards women continue to hold them back, in terms of their employers, but also the women themselves lack confidence to put themselves forward for promotion.

The rewards for companies who are more gender diverse

Companies that have gender diversity have a better performance, says a study of 353 Fortune 500 Companies by Catalyst . Catalyst, a non-profit organisation aiming to promote the progress of the inclusion of women in the workplace, found that “financial performance is higher for companies with more women at the top”. These companies performed better in terms of return on equity (ROE) and total return to shareholders (TRS).

As Nelson Mandela said: “As long as outmoded ways of thinking prevent women from making a meaningful contribution to society, progress will be slow. As long as the nation refuses to to acknowledge  the equal role of more than half of itself, it is doomed to failure.”

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