Women’s month: men vs women when buying a car

Happy women’s month to all of our readers. On the 9th of August every year we take a day to recognise the inspirational women of South Africa, past and present. South African women fought for equality. For many women the struggle has not finished but one day soon all of our children will have access to the same opportunities. But having said that, it’s undeniable that women and men behave differently. It might be our primal natures or socialisation but there’s something about men in general that makes them want to show off their braaing skills while most women feel a need to make sure the table is laid properly. Why do men refuse to stop and ask for directions? Why can’t women resist a sale? In honour of Women’s Day this blog celebrates the differences between men and women when it comes to buying a car. How do the sexes differ when they purchasing vehicles?

Are we really so different? Yes.

A recent study in the US concluded that men and women approach buying a car differently right from the outset. Even their motivations appear to be different.

When it comes to car shopping, women are driven by features – engaging in extensive research to find the best fit – while from the outset many men are revved about a particular car brand.” According to Kelley Blue Book, an industry and automotive industry specialist.

Apparently one in five men know the exact vehicle that they want while women are twice as likely to be undecided. 58% of men, versus 38% of women said that they were confident about buying a car. That’s why women take longer to complete this process, spending more time on research and acquiring knowledge. Women take an average of 75 days to decide which car to purchase, while men take 63 days.

And that’s not all

The study, involving approximately 40 000 Americans, found that women were less likely to see their cars as a status symbol and were therefore often drawn to more practical non-luxury SUVs and Sedans, as opposed to the European luxury brands that men favoured. Because women focus on the practicality of buying a car, they tend to pay closer attention on safety features, reliability and affordability. Men, on the other hand, looked at interior layout, exterior styling and technology. According to the findings of the study women were likely to look at their vehicle in terms of its practical functionality and men in terms of what it meant for their status and standing in society.

If you are reluctant to think that men can be so superficial about their vehicles perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that it might just be our American brothers? Surely South African men aren’t like that?

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