A driver app that could save your life

A driver app that could save your life

The main cause of accidents is human error with factors such as intoxication, speeding, recklessness, or inexperience playing a part. It’s interesting to note that in recent years cell phone use has become a major cause of accidents on South African roads. A recent article on Business Tech aboutthe perils of using cellphones while driving cited some worrying statistics: more than two thirds of drivers make calls while driving and the reduced brain capacity made them four times more likely to have an accident. 25% of our accidents are reportedly related to cell phone use with an estimated R40bn – R76bn cost to the economy.

Don’t throw away your cell phone just yet

With these alarming statistics about cellphones and driving you might be tempted to avoid them but the CrashDetech app should change your mind. This app will detect if you are in a serious car accident, send your precise location to authorities and the nearest emergency medical services. It reduces vital emergency response time and it will also provide important patient information to caregivers. Keeping the response time as short as possible is important because the sooner medical attention reaches you when you are in a serious accident the better your chances of survival.

How this driver app could help you

Sending exact information immediately can make a huge difference. Especially if the accident takes place in a remote area where it might not have been noticed immediately. An injured person might not be in a position to give detailed geographical descriptions, and the person might not have a knowledge of the area or where to find medical attention and other resources. How does the driver app work? Designers of the app used a proprietary algorithm to monitor a variety of sensors on the phone. This algorithm can eliminate “false positives” for example when the phone is accidentally dropped.

Should you be worried about road safety?

The short answer is yes. According to CrashDetech the road safety statistics are worrying: an average 47 people die on our roads every day. And for every one person that dies in a road accident 85 are admitted for treatment at a hospital. South Africans are at risk of experiencing 12 car accidents during their lifetimes and there is a 1 in 98 chance that you will be involved in an accident this year.

Fleet accident management

Our comprehensive accident management solution will take care of you from the time the accident occurs until the damage is repaired. From organising a towing service, to arranging a replacement vehicle, liaising with brokers and insurance companies, overseeing repairs at authorised workshops, processing claims and settlements, and scrutinising invoices on your behalf. We will take care of the red tape leaving you free to take care of your business.