A must-read on the advantages of outsourcing your commercial fleet

A must-read on the advantages of outsourcing your commercial fleet

1. A fleet management company tailor-makes a commercial fleet to your requirements

Working vehicles need to be custom-built, through a fleet management company that understands the particulars of vehicle specialisation. One of the advantages of outsourcing this function to a company like Avis Fleet, is because of the relationships they have with suppliers who invariably offer competitive pricing and better deals.

In addition, a fleet management company worth its salt should intrinsically understand your business needs and tailor-make a solution that results in bottom-line savings. Avis Fleet for example, undertakes a 360-degree fleet audit, and can analyse every cost: current procurement costs, maintenance costs, fuel usage costs and vehicle disposal costs. Thereafter, the company determines the most appropriate contract term and kilometer allocation by vehicle, based on your business needs.

2. One of the major advantages of outsourcing is significant time savings

Managing a commercial vehicle fleet is complex and challenging, but one of the advantages of outsourcing commercial fleet management is that you’ll get “one-stop shop” services.

Essentially, a fleet management company should take away the pain and hassle of fleet management, relieving these duties from in-house staff who are tasked with dealing with individual aspects of fleet management. But all too often, in-house employees have little experience of the complexities of effective working vehicle fleet management and limited knowledge of its components. We know how best to optimise your fleet and save you money. A “one-stop fleet shop” like ours manages all aspects of fleet management, takes on all the risk and aims to reduce costs, all while enabling you to focus on your core business functions.

3. Maintenance is a challenge for commercial fleet operators and needn’t be if outsourced

When it comes to budget planning, maintenance is one of the “unknown known” expenses in your budget that creeps up on you when you least expect it. You know that it is going to cost you money - you may even be able to calculate how much money it is going to cost you - but you can never really be sure when it is going to cost you. We offer the following in terms of maintenance control:

  • An all-inclusive maintenance and repair service that extends the life-cycle of your fleet, resulting in a reduction of costs.
  • Dealer-negotiated pricing and service management.
  • The monitoring of your service history to cut out unnecessary charges.
  • Ensures that you benefit from Avis’s bulk-buying processes and supplier rebates.

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