Branded vehicles: how to use your fleet as mobile billboards.

Branded vehicles: how to use your fleet as mobile billboards.

Learn from the pros

Coca-cola trucks are famously well branded for the festive season, just think of their “Holidays are Coming” advertising campaign featuring a fleet of trucks coming into town with an image of Santa Claus enjoying a coke emblazoned on the side. But branding vehicles can work for smaller companies too. Locally Pick ‘n Pay, Woolworths and Takealot have made use of this form of marketing. These companies know the value of branding specifically for the festive season: they can identify themselves with the positive emotional feelings that are evoked by the holidays. NetFlorist and Dial a Nerd have also shown themselves to be able to use branded vehicles to their advantage.

How to use branded vehicles to enhance your brand

The important thing is to research the costs ahead of time and weigh them against your ROI, to figure out if it’s worth it for your business. If you already have a vehicle that you are using for the business then the main cost will be wrapping it. It’s helpful to think of a wrapped car as a moving billboard. The advantage is that it will be seen by more people than a stationary billboard. So you will need to think carefully about the kind of image you are portraying and how to best show off your brand and business.

How branding boosts your bottom line

People are more likely to buy from businesses that they have heard of, according to research. It shows that if consumers have heard of the brand before then they will have more faith in the legitimacy of their product offering. Seeing your branded vehicles at work will immediately give onlookers the impression that your company is efficient at providing the product or service that they would like. The flipside of this, however, is that if potential customers happen to see your fleet vehicle in some compromising situation – being badly driven, or in some kind of altercation, for example, they will associate that behaviour with your brand. But drivers who are aware of this can use their behaviour to enhance the reputation of the brand.

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