Checklist: what to consider when choosing a fleet management company

Checklist: what to consider when choosing a fleet management company
  • Customer service that is above reproach

The quality of customer service is at the top as it affects all of the other considerations on the checklist. If a fleet management company is not dedicated to seeing to your needs – especially in trying times – then you’re likely to find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Before deciding on a supplier, ask yourself: will they be available to take my call and provide helpful assistance on a Sunday when I need to make a delivery that evening? If the answer is no, move along. You want a fleet management company that really sees to your unique needs and requirements – avoid a one-size-fits-all provider at all costs.

  • Various financing solutions that suit your pocket

Leasing an entire fleet – or even a few vehicles – is a costly exercise. And regardless of the size of your available budget, a fleet company should be able to provide you with more than one financing solution. Ask for their different options upfront and determine what your non-negotiables are. Ask about leasing costs, full maintenance leasing and monthly leasing agreements.

  • Sufficient accident management and fine policy

Vehicle accidents are an unavoidable (and financially draining) part of managing a fleet of vehicles. Regardless of human or mechanical error, or third party influence, you need to ensure that the fleet company has procedures in place to deal with any unforeseen damages to the fleet. The administrative burden of dealing with accidents, breakdowns and payment, redirecting or contesting of fines is something that you need to consider.

  • Fuel management that improves consumption and reduces fraud

With the price of fuel being more volatile than ever before, not having a fuel management process in place can have some serious repercussions for your your fleet. Careful planning and monitoring of fuel spend to determine the most accurate and economical fuel usage is an essential aspect of any reputable fleet management company. Ensuring that they can assist in minimising fraudulent purchases with fleet cards and optimise your consumption is the ideal combination.

  • Management of fleet maintenance for ultimate peace of mind

A fleet is only as effective as the maintenance structure that supports it. As we very well know prevention is better than cure, especially when tasked with ensuring the safe transportation of valuable goods – and even more crucially, human lives. Choosing a fleet management company that manages the maintenance of your fleet gives you peace of mind that every vehicle is up to standard and tended to when required.

  •  Reporting that provides accurate data for the improvement of your fleet

Information is the most valuable currency in the modern world. The more you know about the movement of your fleet, the better equipped you are to improve its efficiency and ultimately reduce costs. Look for a supplier that offers you a platform from which to track your fleet and its associated activities in real-time and consolidate this data in one place.

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