Corporate fleet management: technology fuels productivity for fleets

Corporate fleet management: technology fuels productivity for fleets

The fleet interactive system

This product was designed as a quick reference assistance tool so that you can access all management detail with your unique login and password. There are many benefits for your business. With the fleet interactive system, Avis Fleet allows you to access any information you might need at any given time. This includes contract details, vehicle inspection details, maintenance details down to parts information, fuel transactions, and vehicle specifications such as make, range and model, date of registration, start of contract date, and odometer readings. This system also includes the traffic fine management system where the stress of resolving traffic fines is taken care of. And the reporting portal delivers reports directly from our management system to keep our customers fully informed. This easy to navigate system provides quick and accurate information whenever you need it, adding value to your corporate fleet management.

The intelligent fuel management solution

Fuel is the area where businesses spend the most, and this is where they also stand to save the most. The fuel management solution minimises losses, ensuring that all of the data concerning fuel spend is collated and presented to the fleet manager regularly. This includes fuel consumption calculations, alerts regarding fuel usage of each vehicle in the fleet will draw attention to any suspicious activity and highlight possible fraud. This solution has saved clients millions of rands on their fuel bill and can enhance your fleet’s productivity.

Using telematics to enhance productivity 

One of the ways corporate fleet management can make fleets more productive is by monitoring driver behavior through telematics. Telematics can be used to ensure drivers are using the most efficient routes via GPS. Telematics can also monitor fuel spend, report excessive idling, harsh braking, and speeding. Drivers are rated according to their driving behaviour and management can offer training where required. This technology can even be used for engine and vehicle maintenance to show engine faults and diagnostics, and to set maintenance reminders and record when maintenance was done.

The accident management solution 

This solution will ensure that if one of your vehicles is in an accident, it will be dealt with as quickly and painlessly for you as possible. It will be towed, assessed and repaired so that it can be returned to your fleet and all of the red tape will be dealt with on our side. We will even ensure that you have an interim replacement vehicle to ensure that you do not lose any time in productivity.

Our corporate fleet management range of solutions will revolutionise your fleet. Find out more about our fleet solutions here and contact us for more information on how to enhance your fleet’s productivity.