Don’t get taken for a ride: car myths debunked

Don’t get taken for a ride: car myths debunked

We might not know if any of these stories are true or where they originated from but there are also plenty of myths about cars and how they run and we can help shed some light on these. This blog takes a look at some of the popular car myths to see if there might be any truth in them...or if these car myths come to a dead end.

Switch off the air-conditioner to save petrol

There has been some debate about whether driving with your aircon on will use more fuel than driving with your windows down. People have argued that the drag caused by opening your windows might cause you to actually use more fuel. According to this reputable study, using the aircon actually will use more fuel, but since the amount is relatively small, saving fuel shouldn’t be a reason to avoid using the aircon.

When to change your oil

There is a commonly held car myth that vehicle owners should change their oil every 4 000 to 5 000 kilometres or, for Americans, every 3 000 miles. Consumers think they need to change their oil this often to look after their engines but, in fact, cars made after the 70s can last up to 20 000 kilometres or pretty much when they get their cars serviced.

How much tyre pressure is ideal

Most owners of vehicles have been made aware of the fact that tyres should be inflated to the correct pressure in order to perform optimally. But when you inflate your tyres did you know that the number shown on your car door is actually the maximum  pressure and not the ideal pressure recommended by the automaker? You can find out the optimal tyre pressure from your car dealer or from the Automobile Association.

Idle your car to warm it up when it’s cold

This popular car myth could actually hurt your car. In times gone by, cars didn’t work as well in the cold weather because the carburetors mixed air with fuel before ignition. But cars these days have fuel injection systems which do not need time to warm up. Running your car unnecessarily will waste petrol and add wear and tear to the parts of your engine.

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