Fleet management to improve employee engagement during the pandemic

Fleet management to improve employee engagement during the pandemic
  • Employees are stressed, distracted and anxious about job security and health and safety. Ensure you communicate effectively with your team about what your plan of action is, even if it is a week-by-week plan. This will go a long way to helping calm their anxieties and get their work done.
  • Health and safety issues need to be addressed and we suggest you use the government's website https://sacoronavirus.co.za/ to set your safety procedures. But you can advocate these measures to keep employees safe:

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Fleet management and employee engagement

There’s no denying that anxiety about the pandemic has affected our work environments. How do companies deal with this issue and assist their employees in achieving their daily duties? While each company might tailor a particular approach to dealing with the current work environment, fleet management will aid in employee engagement.

Help employees focus on their core duties 

Being distracted is one of the great aggravators of working life. And at a time like this, distraction is inevitable with the number of rules, guidelines and pandemic-related news that lead to increased levels of stress. Research shows that fewer distractions mean less stressful jobs for workers and this benefits them personally and professionally. When employees have to focus on elements not aligned to their core functions, their capacities are stretched and attention is scattered. Help your team to focus by:

  • Planning drivers’ routes for them so that they follow a schedule.
  • Help them plan their stops for fuel, food and restroom breaks to avoid unnecessary stops.
  • Give them a Covid-19 safety process. For example: Sanitise your hands, put your mask on, now exit your vehicle.

With fleet management, the work and administration of its complex components are often divided among the employees of a company. However, when you outsource your fleet management to a fleet company like Avis Fleet, the pain and hassle of fleet management are handled by professionally skilled fleet management staff, relieving overburdened in-house employees of these duties. Our tools also ensure that fleet management can take place from your home while you are still able to see where your drivers are on their routes.

A one-stop fleet management shop to source service providers

Fleet management is a complex task with many components. So when a fleet management specialist isn’t used, managers are burdened with having to source individual service providers. This is time-consuming and creates stress. Avis Fleet has various tailored solutions designed to meet the needs of each fleet-operating company. To determine the best fleet management approach, Avis Fleet will start with a 360-degree fleet audit that will evaluate every cost. The audit will analyse current procurement costs, maintenance processes, fuel usage, fuel management and vehicle disposal processes. Avis Fleet has developed industry-leading business intelligence software that’s used to determine the most appropriate contract term and kilometre allocation by vehicle, based on your business needs. An Avis Fleet expert will give you ample time to provide quantifiable information, analysis and insights. Once the fleet management solution is implemented, Avis Fleet maintains a close relationship with its customer and consistently tracks the progress of the fleet solution.

Avis Fleet’s fleet solutions reduce employee stress and improve employee engagement. Find out about our fleet management solutions

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