Fleet procurement guide

Fleet procurement guide

Start at the top

The strategy will usually come from the Fleet Manager and the Procurement Manager will get involved when the actual procurement process begins. This will require input on different options when it comes to financing the fleet (whether it will be leased, purchased or hired).

Make an assessment

At this point, you will require an assessment of current and past arrangements to plot the best way forward for your company. The assessment will take into account inflation, maintenance costs, fuel price fluctuations and everything else relating to the type of vehicle you require.

Decisions on procurement will also take into account a wide range of factors over and above the vehicles themselves. These include tyres, fuel, insurance, maintenance, parts, and the various types of support services offered by fleet service providers. Collaboration between various departments – from purchasing to the end-user – will be required to ensure all bases are checked and that the end product is within budget and adheres to best practices for everyone involved.

Outsourcing with the right partner

Procurement can be a complicated and time-consuming matter. But Avis Fleet offers expert assistance to ease the process with our Corporate Fleet Management to guide you and ensure that you make the right decisions every step of the way. Our comprehensive vehicle financing solutions remove the risks of owning vehicles and the hassles of maintaining a fleet.

Avis Fleet has solutions that help customers with everything from Procurement to maintenance, Telematics and making provisions for accidents.

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