Fuel-saving tips to ensure that every drop counts

Fuel-saving tips to ensure that every drop counts

Get fuel from the right places

The difference in the cost of fuel between petrol stations can be vast. Always choose the cheaper option even if you’re saving cents because it all adds up at the end of the month. Draw up a list of preferred fuel suppliers for your fleet and keep to it.

Shift driving behaviour

Ensure that your drivers don’t engage in harsh acceleration and braking as this is not fuel-efficient. Smooth driving at a steady speed saves substantial amounts of fuel. When you’re approaching a traffic light that’s changing from yellow to red, ease off the accelerator early on before you stop. Why rush to only wait at the traffic light?

Don’t tire out your tyres

Keep your tyres in excellent condition. You can do this by regularly checking your tyre pressure and tread depth. You should also make sure the tyre pressure is correct. Finally, when choosing tyres, consider the ones that are designed for extra economy.

Keep engines warm

Short trips actually produce more pollution, so be strategic and plan well to reduce short journeys where possible. Also, try to reverse into parking spaces because it’s quicker and you will use less fuel.

Plan your route

Avoid rush-hour traffic otherwise your vehicle will use more fuel because the idling, stopping and starting will increase fuel consumption.

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