Get in the fast lane with these 5 car apps

Get in the fast lane with these 5 car apps


This is a free app that offers emergency assistance for those times when you don’t know who to call or where you are. You can send your emergency contacts notification of your emergency and your exact location. The idea is that it’s a one-stop solution for access to emergency services that are closest to you and most appropriate to your emergency. Users can activate the app for their own emergency or on behalf of someone else and the app will automatically dial the appropriate emergency service provider based on the nature of the emergency.


This app allows you to upload the information that you will need if you are in an accident. AxiKit guides the user through the process and makes it as easy as possible to record the information which will be saved in an e-mail format report. Features include voice recording capabilities, a release form with a signature capture for the other driver to make an admission of guilt, a map which will pinpoint the location including date and time, a photo checklist and emergency services contacts.


For most people who have to commute to work driving outside of peak times is unavoidable. But if you have ever been stuck in a traffic jam you will probably have wondered about whether there are less congested routes to take to your destination. This free mobile car app will give you live updates on traffic which will help you avoid congested areas and get to you where you’re going faster.


This car app keeps track of your speed and can alert you if you are going over the speed limit. It can also tell you how much distance you have covered and how long it took you to complete your journey. The app also has a built-in map feature to ensure you never get lost.

Awesome South Africa (ASA)

The first location-based travel app in South Africa. It offers users four colour-coded options. Red is for specials, blue for events, yellow for promotions, and green for news. This app will help find whatever you are looking for, whether it’s the nearest Italian restaurant or local accommodation. There is also a currency converter for overseas visitors and it has the emergency numbers you might need.

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