How Avis Fleet reporting can save you money

How Avis Fleet reporting can save you money

In addition, fleet requirements are fluid, with a new fleet solution having to be devised from time to time to keep up with your evolving strategic and business needs. All of this requires accessible and easy-to-comprehend information. Gone are the days of thick reports; welcome simplified fleet reporting tools. We list Avis Fleet’s value-added products that manage your daily fleet requirements – all at the touch of a button.

1. Telematics

Tracking devices in vehicles are perhaps better known for their ability to locate a stolen or hijacked vehicle. Avis Fleet has further refined tracking technology through its Telematics product, where driver behaviour is analysed with the goal of reducing costs. Avis Fleet’s fleet reporting tool can gauge if a driver is speeding, over-revving, idling, braking too fast, taking an inefficient route to carry out business activities, as well as pinpointing when the driver begins and ends his/her car journey. Moreover, the system can alert drivers when they are speeding, allowing him/her to correct the situation before it escalates.

Telematics fleet reporting has assisted Avis Fleet customers to save up to 20% in fuel costs.

2. Sweet Spot Reporting

When a fleet operator procures a fleet, the available options may seem mindboggling. The benefits of outsourcing this to a fleet management company outweigh the hassles of doing it yourself. Avis Fleet has developed superior technology, known as Sweet Spot Reporting, to refine fleet options to those that fit the company’s business model. Business intelligent software enables Avis Fleet to determine the most appropriate term and kilometre allocation by vehicle. Vehicle resale value and maintenance are the main costs that are taken into consideration when calculating the optimum monthly rental. Put simply, Avis Fleet provides the optimum fleet reporting solution to solve an infinite number of problems with finite resources.

3. Intelligent Fuel Management

Avis Fleet developed its Intelligent Fuel Management product to tackle fraud on fuel cards. The system has been set up to detect theft and fraud in real time that allows customers to investigate within the first three days of a transaction taking place.

Fuel usage data is consolidated, examined and integrated into a single report by Avis Fleet.

Effective use of Intelligent Fuel Management provides the fleet manager with the necessary tools to achieve bottom-line savings through lowering fuel consumption by as much as 14%