How Avis Fleet simplifies fleet administration by taking on your risk

How Avis Fleet simplifies fleet administration by taking on your risk

We don’t need to tell you, that having resources dedicated solely to managing your fleet are few and far between. Fleet managers are tasked with multiple functions and responsible for an increased demand on cost reduction and risk minimisation. But luckily for you, you aren’t on your own, with Avis Fleet management solutions by your side.

When it comes to fleet administration, Avis Fleet has a product to support your individual business needs, aimed at alleviating your heavy load. Avis Fleet’s consolidated management solutions have been formulated around studied fleet patterns, so that they are able to offer you both variable and fixed-cost options, as well as the most effective fleet administration tools on the market, while taking on full residual risk!

What can Avis Fleet administration do better than me?

It is not so much the question of what Avis Fleet can do better than you, but rather how you can better manage your fleet with the assistance of their fleet solutions. In these challenging financial times, value added fleet management solutions and flexible benefits at the touch of a button is what you as a Fleet Manager can get from Avis Fleet, allowing you to more efficiently and effectively manage your daily fleet requirements, while keeping costs down.

With Avis Fleet there is a solution for all your administration needs when it comes to vehicle ownership, procurement, financing and management, including:

  • Maintenance control
  • Fuel management
  • Open road tolling
  • Traffic fine management
  • Accident management
  • Telematics
  • Green fleet
  • Fleet reporting

It is no secret that there has been a shift toward the outsourcing of these fleet-management risks and requirements, some may argue at the expense of a company’s Fleet Department. However, as will become evident with Avis Fleet solutions, they become most effective when it comes to administering general transactional work and for analysing fleet trends. This is especially true when it comes to filtering of all the information that’s not important to you, and only showing you the data that matters – saving you time and money. These solutions are specifically designed to support a Fleet Manager and not take away from his/ her priorities when it comes to the greater management of their fleet. As a Fleet Manager, you will therefore be able to take on more; from fleet coordinator to fleet analyst to fleet manager, because you have the solutions to streamline all these functions.

No more fleet management risks

Avis Fleet also assumes all the risks involved with owning and maintaining vehicles including providing the capital finance and carrying the maintenance and resale risk. You retain the option to take ownership at the end of the lease, if ownership is not required, Avis Fleet’s standard FML (Full Maintenance Lease) takes over ALL risk as well as vehicle ownership. They have the residual fine print on your fleet covered.

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