How dash cams can help fleets

How dash cams can help fleets

In future, this might have an effect on insurance premiums. When a product enters the market that might be beneficial for drivers and affects claims costs, insurers use research to show exactly how much it will affect bottom lines. After they have established that there is a clear benefit, they will get a discount instated. In the UK, some car insurance providers now offer customers up to 15 percent discount on premiums if a dashcam is installed and this might follow in the US soon.

How dash cams work

These cameras, usually powered by the vehicle or by a separate battery, record in a continuous loop and the most recent footage replaces old footage. The more advanced models have more sophisticated functions: there are cameras that are activated by motion sensors and can record when the vehicle is stationary. They can also come with GPS sensors that will record the time and position; some even have a two-way video that will show the driver and passengers filmed on one side and the road on the other. Other possible features include wide angle, night vision or a microphone to record audio.

What are the benefits for fleets?

The developments in dash cam technology mean your fleet has several choices. The footage from accidents and traffic infringements will provide video evidence that can be used to settle fines or disputes. In cases where the driver isn’t guilty of infringement, they can help to verify his/her story. Fleet managers could also use the footage as a training device to improve driving. For example, teach the driver to monitor speed in different road conditions, or improve parking. It can also be a security measure used to film unattended vehicles and capture criminals who try to steal or damage vehicles.

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