How fleet management specialists use technology to help you become more efficient

How fleet management specialists use technology to help you become more efficient

Strategic priorities for businesses that operate fleets include reducing costs and ensuring high return on investment. We highlight two examples of superior technology, developed by fleet management specialist Avis Fleet, that particularly, ensure greater fleet efficiency.

  1. Telematics

There is no doubt that telematics – the ability to track and analyse driver behavior with the goal of reducing overall costs – is going to become one of this century’s greatest technological achievements.

Automotive Fleet predicts that all future vehicles will use integrated technology to “directly manage fuel purchases and capture telematics data to manage driver behavior and initiate proactive maintenance scheduling.” Moreover, the telematics data, combined with maintenance data on a particular vehicle will allow fleet management specialists to do a target replacement for that vehicle rather than abide by a generalised replacement date. Fleet management specialists are also excited about cloud computing and its ability to enable fleet solution providers to offer higher degrees of data and system integration.

Avis Fleet has been one of the pioneers of telematics technology in the service of reducing costs and improving fleet efficiency. Avis Fleet’s telematics product tracks driver behaviour, gauging if a driver:

  • speeds
  • engages in over-revving
  • idles
  • brakes too fast
  • takes an inefficient route to carry out business activities
  • pinpoints when the driver begins and ends his/her car journey
  • alerts the driver when they speed to so that they can reduce their speed

Telematics reports have assisted Avis Fleet clients to save up to 20% in fuel costs.

  1. Sweet Spot Reporting

When a fleet operator procures a fleet, the available vehicle options may seem mindboggling. The benefits of outsourcing this to a fleet services company outweigh the hassles of doing it yourself. Avis Fleet has developed superior skills combined with relevant technology to ensure vehicle selection fits the application, as well as selecting the optimum time and kilometre combination that will result in the lowest total life cost. Put simply, Avis Fleet provides the optimum solution to solve an infinite number of problems with finite resources at the lowest possible cost.


Avis Fleet is aware that all fleets are unique. Using technology, this fleet service provider is able to tailor-make a package that saves money and fulfils strategic goals.

Visit Avis Fleet today and be assured of a consultative and partnership-based approach to shaping fleet solutions. The company offers financing options, operational advice and superior customer service.