How to assess fleet management companies

How to assess fleet management companies

Price is certainly an important factor, but you also want to look at the bigger picture when considering a fleet management company. It might be tempting to go with the company who offer the cheapest price, but do they have a proven track record evidenced in their high customer service ratings? If this is your main criteria, you could end up with a fleet managing service that is simply not as effective. Also, not all fleet management companies are adaptable to industry changes. And just as your needs will change as your business grows, you need a fleet management service that is equally adaptable. Make sure you choose a fleet management company who offer full-service systems that you can choose and adapt as you need to, to best accommodate the changing needs of your business.

We live in a difficult economic climate. Ultimately, your priority should be finding a fleet management company that can prove that their services will offer the best return on your investment.

Assess your needs

Before you partner with a fleet management company you should assess your fleet needs as a company. Does your fleet need data to inform improvement on fuel efficiency or is it a priority to oversee driver's arrival times? Avis Fleet will do a comprehensive fleet audit to evaluate cost – analysing procurement costs, maintenance processes, fuel management, fuel usage and vehicle disposals. One of our experts will conduct an exhaustive analysis into quantifiable data which will extend into an ongoing relationship, tracking the progress of the fleet solution.

Take the pain out of fleet management.

Fleet management companies should provide a service which is inclusive of all the aspects that pertain to running a more efficient fleet. Avis Fleet will take on all the complexities that optimise performance, all of the intricacies that can be overwhelming for company's in-house employees who might not have the necessary training or experience, freeing your business to focus on core functions.

Getting value add-ons for your specific needs.

Avis Fleet provides a flexible solution to fit your fleet needs. The main reason that Avis Fleet is a superior service is because our fleet management company customises solutions to your requirements. Our analysis will suggest which of our value add-products you might require – telematics which tracks driver behaviour and improves driver safety and leads to cost saving, fleet reporting which allows customers to access their fleet’s data, intelligent fuel management which saves your business money by preventing fuel card fraud, green fleet which manages sustainability requirements, traffic fine management to help navigate the traffic fine infringement process, vehicle financing, and much more.

Not all fleet management companies are equal, and choosing the best one is simple really, Avis Fleet offers comprehensive solutions tailor-made to fit  your individual needs. Check out our fleet solutions and contact us.