How to avoid distractions on the road

How to avoid distractions on the road

Driver’s distractions lead to a staggering one in five crashes. To help you avoid them, we’ve put together some light-hearted tips well-worth taking seriously. After all, life should be a comedy, not a tragedy.

Swear off your cell phone

We’re not suggesting yelling profanities into the receiver; instead, banish your phone to the boot of the car. Cell phones factor into one in five fatal crashes. Avoid the temptation of answering a call or sending a quick sms. When drivers are texting they take their eyes off the road a whopping 400% more - that’s 400% more of a chance to lose a life.

Bear in mind that food is 50% more fattening when eaten in the driver’s seat

Okay okay, that’s not a fact, but this is: drivers are 45% less focused on the road while eating or drinking. That thought’s enough to give you indigestion.

Remember, sharing is caring

On long-haul trips, share the driving load. After a few hours on the road our concentration begins to flag and exhaustion takes its toll, giving a completely avoidable meaning to the expression “dead-tired”.

Be old

If you’re not actually old, then act it. Drivers younger than 25 are up to three times more likely to read and write sms’s. Take heed of the wisdom of old age and keep your hands off your cell phone. In the spirit of seniorhood, why not slow down while you’re at it, and leave adequate space between you and the car in front of you.

Embrace musical variety

Hate Celine Dion? Can’t stand rap? Whatever the case may be, take a deep breath and seek out the merits in that awful song on the radio. Drivers who adjust the radio while driving are 65% less focused on the road.

Pimp your ride

Keeping your vehicle in tiptop condition is key to safety and roadworthiness. With a little expert advice you can keep your car running better than ever before with professional maintenance control from Avis Fleet.

When you’re the life of the party, keep it that way

It goes without saying but it’s important enough to say it anyway. Drinking and driving is one of the stupidest, most irresponsible and unacceptable decisions a person can make. Take a taxi, man.

Go Zen

When you turn on the ignition avoid distractions by repeating this mantra:

Your cell phone may be ringing because you’re obviously loved, your hair requires no touching up because you’re already gorgeous, the passenger in the car beside you is probably giving you the eye, well, because, who wouldn’t? Regardless of all this, keep your eyes on the road and protect your lovely self.

In spite of your best efforts, we understand that accidents do happen. To help deal with the unfortunate consequences, Avis Fleet provide accident management solutions to ease the load.