How to get drivers onboard with vehicle telematics

How to get drivers onboard with vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics reduce costs for companies by letting managers monitor drivers who are speeding, over-revving, idling for too long, braking too fast, taking inefficient routes, and so on. The benefits can then be passed on to drivers who are performing well. Cash bonuses are an option but there are other effective ways to incentivise good driving behaviour including extra holiday time, vouchers, or public recognition in the form of a “Driver of the Year” award. Using data gained from telematics is a transparent way for Fleet Managers to recognise good driving. And who doesn’t like to be recognised for doing a good job?

Implementing vehicle telematics for drivers

  • Fleet Managers should introduce this technology in a group meeting, as opposed to letting employees know via impersonal communication like email. Telling employees in person will help to assure them that their input matters and also allow them the opportunity to ask questions. And employers should certainly not install the technology without the knowledge of employees because this might lead to an employee backlash. Keeping employees informed from the outset will help to build trust and improve efficiency.
  • Be sure to use a positive tone when talking about installing the new system: emphasise the potential benefits of the technology for employees, as opposed to introducing it as a way of counteracting poor performance.
  • Be open about how telematics works. If employees know what is being measured and they are on board they can start to work towards improvements from day one.
  • Encourage feedback from employees through email or even a comment box, so that they can contribute suggestions or comments and have their voices heard.
  • Using the information gained through vehicle telematics to identify and reward good driving, as opposed to punishing bad behaviour, will ensure that employees perceive the technology in a positive way. Rewarding good behaviour, even if it’s just with an announcement or a letter of congratulations, will show the technology is used in a positive way.

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