How to stay on top of vehicle licensing

How to stay on top of vehicle licensing

Unforeseen events including breakdowns, accidents and unplanned additions make this process even more complicated. Some managers use different methods to remind them when licences must be renewed, including wall charts and Outlook or Google reminders.

Some important things to remember:

  • The most important issue with licensing is to ensure that all the vehicles are licensed at all times. This will require Fleet Managers to factor in the admin time required to renew a license (one day at least). Since it’s illegal to have a vehicle on the road without a license, Fleet Managers need to use some forethought to ensure that the renewed license discs reach vehicles no matter where they are.
  • The unnecessary expense of penalties and fines for late renewal fees and unlicensed vehicles can soon add up if you are running a fleet.
  • Because of the legal implications, missing the grace period for renewing fleet licences will result in unscheduled downtime.

The solution for your vehicle licensing headache

With the price of registration and annual licence renewal included in our leases, we take on the responsibility of keeping your vehicle licensing up to date. With the help of our comprehensive Licensing Administration System, we renew the license and deliver the renewal and letter of acceptance to you. We will communicate any delays at the traffic department to you as quickly as possible so you can factor them in. Automating the license renewal process guarantees that your paperwork is up to date and outsourcing the management of your fleet with us gives you the peace of mind that your administrative work is done correctly without having to worry about it.

Avis Fleet specialises in outsourced fleet management solutions.  With extensive experience and the expertise to help to help you optimise the management of your fleet. We have a range of solutions designed to assist all types of fleets. For more information, read about our solutions here, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions you might have regarding our services.