Is the stress of fleet accident management getting you down? There are two ways to eliminate it

Is the stress of fleet accident management getting you down? There are two ways to eliminate it

But there’s a happy ending to this story: fleet management specialists will take the stress and hassle out of fleet accident management, freeing up you and your staff to focus on core business functions. These are some of the ways a fleet management specialist, such as Avis Fleet, can assist you in reducing your stress by taking control of fleet accident management.

1. Prevention is better than cure: driver behaviour analysis and training

According to the International Organisation of Road Accident Prevention, human error accounts for over 90% of road accidents. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that fleet drivers are trained correctly to avoid accidents. However, in order to gauge where the training gaps are, fleet owners need to have the correct information so as to devise the best solution. Avis Fleet’s Telematics product is your answer and is a crucial component in fleet accident management. This is how it works:

Telematics technology is a tracking device that generates reports for its fleet driving clients. The product determines when a driver:

  • Speeds excessively;
  • Over-revs;
  • Idles;
  • Brakes too fast;
  • Takes inefficient routes to carry out business activities;
  • Begins and ends their journeys.

Avis Fleet’s Telematics product has the additional feature of alerting the driver if they are in excess of the speed limit, enabling the driver to self-correct. Instead of the driver getting into trouble, this system helps the situation from escalating and resulting in a road accident. Avis Fleet also recommends driver training and setting driver guidelines. Telematics, as a fleet accident management tool, is excellent for identifying and minimising future risk.

2. Use Avis Fleet to take care of the tedious process from start to finish

Avis Fleet’s Accident Management solution takes care of all the red tape and paperwork with little disruption, leaving Fleet Managers to focus on their core business activities.

Avis Fleet:

  • Obtains the best repair value and other cost estimates
  • Oversees the repair work ensuring priority service at authorised workshops
  • Provides fleet accident data to prevent future accidents
  • Liaises with your broker, insurance companies and third-party insurance companies
  • Manages accident repair forms
  • Processes all claims and settlements
  • Scrutinises all invoices

To assist you to identify trends and manage risks, Avis Fleet will submit a report providing the cause and cost of the accident. Choosing this unique service means we are your eyes and ears. We reduce the time your vehicle is out of use, eliminate extra workload and most importantly, make sure that your productivity level is not compromised by providing replacement vehicles immediately at a highly competitive rate.