Kids’ activities to entertain the gang on long journeys

Kids’ activities to entertain the gang on long journeys

Play a game

This might be a good opportunity to introduce your kids to a multitude of games that were more common before the screens took over. For younger kids there is “I Spy” or different kinds of card games, and for more sophisticated children there is the more challenging game where you ask a person questions and they can’t respond with “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. You could make kids’ activities more creative, how about making up a scavenger hunt and having kids tick off items from a list of landmarks including things like a bridge, windmill, silo, water tank, train station and so on? Or have kids choose a make and colour of car and see who can count 10 first. You could also prepare some songs for car karaoke and get the kids to sing along. Remember to change up activities to keep things interesting and pack loads of snacks to help keep little mouths busy. And if you would like some peace and quiet, play the “Quiet Game” where the first person who talks is the loser.

A little help

In times gone by you could only rely on the intermittent radio for some outside entertainment in the car. But the difficulty with the radio is that with multiple people in the car they will fight for their music to be played. These days I-pods and Mp3 players give every member of the family more power to play their own tunes. And other forms of technology can ease the ride too, Ipads and other portable computers can be used to play games and movies, but their battery life might be limited. If you are willing to spend some money for a peaceful journey, you could invest in portable DVD players for the kids. These items can be plugged into the car lighter and are said by some parents to be worth their weight in gold, as kids’ activities go they are low impact for parents.

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