Monitor & measure driver behaviour with key fleet management tools

Monitor & measure driver behaviour with key fleet management tools

Driver behaviour could affect safety and operational costs

Bad driving behaviour can affect operational costs: not only do behaviours such as over-revving and excessive idling result in fuel wastage, but drivers who are involved in accidents will also affect productivity because they are out of commission and have to be replaced, not to mention the added expenses such as insurance, repair work, etc. Telematics gives you around the clock control of your vehicles' whereabouts, lets you track driver behaviour and successfully reduce fleet accidents, vehicle maintenance costs and fuel consumption. When you start focusing on managing the driver’s speed and his/her behaviour, not only will it benefit your company’s bottom line but there will also be positive spin-off effects for the driver in terms of his productivity and wellbeing.

How telematics can benefit your business

Fleet telematics can gauge if a driver is speeding, over-revving, braking too fast, or taking an inefficient route. This intelligent fleet tracking system can be programmed to set alerts to inform drivers that they are speeding and correct the situation before it escalates. Meaning that essentially you are in the vehicle with your drivers around the clock. It’s clear that having the best driver behaviours will benefit any organisation and with telematics you will be able to monitor drivers at all times.

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