Now you can keep score with Telematics reporting

Now you can keep score with Telematics reporting

The driver scorecard

The driver scorecard report is extremely useful. Drivers are linked to vehicles, but you can pull a report based on the driver, irrespective of the vehicles he has driven. Driver behaviour includes speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, excessive idling and fatigue (when a driver drives for longer than three hours). Customers can highlight their biggest areas of concern to focus on the reports that relate to them.

An intelligent system

The system can take into consideration severity and duration so that Fleet Managers do not have to deal with an avalanche of information, but can act on problematic driver behaviour. A major benefit of the system is that users can refine searches and specify the dates and times that they want to get more information about. Searching in this way is more manageable and useful for Fleet Managers than wading through masses of information. This ensures that they can spend more time on their core business.

How it works

Avis Fleet built fleet reporting around exception management to ensure that the information will not overwhelm our customers. This means that Fleet Managers report on any activity that deviates from the norm. Customers can set parameters and see the exceptions so they don't have to analyse every line.

Using driver scorecards to incentivise drivers

One way to counteract dissatisfaction amongst drivers is to incentivise them for good driving by using data to monitor driver behaviour. Working out staff incentives at the end of a set period will encourage drivers to drive better and improve their attitude to the company because they are being recognised for their positive behaviour – it’s a win-win situation.

Use telematics to determine staff incentives

Many companies have started reward schemes based on telematics and have notched up the savings. Incentives do not necessarily have to be financial bonuses, you can use extra holiday time, vouchers, a vehicle upgrade or staff recognition for doing a good job, for instance, a “Driver of the Year” title. All these rewards are likely to improve employee satisfaction. Read our blog for more information on how to use Telematics reporting to incentivise good driving.

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