Our vehicle options for your fleet

Our fleet management covers organisations in different industries with an extensive range of products and services. In this blog, we look at the different vehicles we have on offer. Which vehicles are suitable for your fleet?

Our vehicle options for your fleet
    • Company cars – offered to employees as a perk or an alternative to a car allowance.
    • Delivery vehicles – used as a tool of trade for the delivery of products and goods or for courier services.
    • Cash-in-transit vehicles – to secure money and employees when cash is transported.
    • Rapid response medical assistance vehicles – such as ambulances and other emergency services.
    • Rapid response security vehicles – for security companies or the police service.
    • Post Office vehicles – for postal and courier services.
    • Funeral service vehicles – such as hearses and family cars.
    • Safari vehicles – including game-viewing vehicles.
    • Municipal vehicles – including those used by the police, water services and fire departments.
    • Industrial vehicles – these include trucks and forklifts.
    • Cellphone tower-repair vehicles – to maintain and service cellphone towers.
    • Fibre installation company vehicles – to install reliable internet fibre lines.
    • Passenger service fleets – for transporting people. These are focused on the safety of drivers and passengers.
    • Utility vehicles – to deliver repair and maintenance services.
    • Pharmaceutical vehicles – to deliver medication safely and efficiently.
    • Mine-spec vehicles – for the mining industry.
    • Cold-chain trucks – to deliver food items to supermarkets.

Avis Fleet is focused on offering a detailed and targeted approach to providing commercial vehicles to our customers. We are a provider of passenger vehicles, light-duty vehicles and commercial vehicles that cater to a range of industries.

Avis Fleet solutions are a comprehensive offering that enhance every aspect of fleet management. We have solutions that help customers with everything from vehicle acquisition to maintenance, Telematics and making provisions for accidents.

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