Part 1: Small business opportunities for big business with Jozi@Work

Part 1: Small business opportunities for big business with Jozi@Work

Can you tell us more about the event that took place?

The City of Johannesburg (COJ) commended Barloworld and Avis Fleet for going beyond what is required in the Jozi@Work initiative. COJ selected Avis Fleet to showcase how Jozi@Work is working. The event took place at the Selby Pikitup depot Johannesburg. We hosted Paul Mashatile, currently Member of the Executive Council for Settlements and Co-operative Governance in the Gauteng Legislature, as well as provincial chairperson of the African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng province, and the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Mpho Franklyn Parks Tau. We have 3 suppliers who were interviewed by Chairman Paul Mashatile and Mayor Parks Tau. They were interviewed to see how Jozi@work has impacted on their lives. And in addition I talked to Chairman Mashatile about what we are doing, as a Capabilities Support Agent (CSA), to enhance the lives of these suppliers. They also took a walk-about at the depot to see firsthand the work we are doing.

As CSA for the Jozi@Work initiative, Barloworld and Avis Fleet give projects to smaller suppliers by giving training specifically for business. We’ve appointed external advisors, at our own cost, to go in and engage with these companies to find out exactly how they run their businesses.  In addition, we are also purchasing PPE (safety apparel) and other materials for them to complete the actual work package. The suppliers can pay us back over a 12 month period.

What is Jozi@work?

The initiative was created by the City of Johannesburg. It is the brainchild of Mayor Parks Tau. The aim is to incorporate small businesses and help them to become suppliers to bigger companies like Avis Fleet. They looked at all their suppliers where products or services are being outsourced. City of Joburg is one of Avis Fleet’s customers, we are fleet provider to the City, including all the JMPD vehicles and council vehicles. COJ approached Avis Fleet and appointed us a Capabilities Support Agent (CSA), meaning they appointed us to manage enterprise supply and development. Our partnership is twofold: to try and incorporate the smaller known suppliers as part of our supply chain. Part of the process is to make sure that these suppliers apply for certain jobs that are available in order to service the COJ account. What we have done over and above that is, as opposed to just giving these people work so that they earn an income, we have also looked at how else we can help them create a business which is sustainable.

Don’t forget to look out for the second part of our series on small business opportunities for big business, talking to Thatohatsi Motsoane about Jozi@Work.

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