Paying it forward by partnering with Barefoot No More

Paying it forward by partnering  with Barefoot No More

Barefoot No More

This organisation understands the value of improving lives and would like to help African children to empower themselves through education. To this end, Barefoot No More provides school shoes to children who have to walk long distances to their schools. These shoes are made from recyclable materials and are replaced annually with old shoes being collected. The old shoes that are collected are then used to make new shoes.

Innovative design and outreach help

The innovative design for this amazing footwear means that the shoes are comfortable, fully waterproof and don’t require polishing. Designers also took care to create shoes that don’t cause blisters, will stretch around growing feet and are shock-absorbent. The idea is that these shoes should withstand the harsh South African conditions in rural areas.

Helping young learners by providing shoes

We believe in this campaign because it helps children in a practical way by providing shoes, but also because this seemingly simple act allows them to access their schools and education – and ultimately a better future. Through Barefoot No More, we were able to identify Mikateka Primary School which is based in Ivory Park, Tembisa. This is a no fee-paying school and accommodates children who come from extremely poor families.

Mikateka Primary school has a total of 2 100 scholars, 55 teachers. 14 cleaners and 16 children who are housed in the After Care Programme for children who have lost both parents to HIV-related illnesses. We are proud to have donated school shoes to the value of R230 000.

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