Q&A with Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Rhenier Kapp, Part 1

Q&A with Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Rhenier Kapp, Part 1

Can you break down the process from when a customer starts to use Commercial Vehicles?

Firstly, it’s important to understand the customer’s needs and application. What is the vehicle going to be used for? And we’ve got a needs analysis questionnaire that has to be completed which you go through with the customer. It identifies certain areas so that the salesperson will be able to give them the right vehicle. That’s how we get the right info to give them a complete solution. We want to make sure that we’ve got a customer for life. We want to create a space for them where they can run their business and we can run the Commercial Vehicles for them.

The needs analysis questionnaire also gives us an indication of what kinds of finance options the customer must take and what type of resale value they need to establish at the end of term. In fact, we want to make sure all that is in place before we start specifying vehicles.

What kind of team is involved?

There will be a Commercial Vehicles team that consists of a sales division which will assist the existing salesforce of Avis Fleet and upskill them from a Commercial Vehicles selling point of view. We’ll have the technical guys who will look after the maintenance as well as the resale value. And then we’ll have the disposal part of the team (specifically for Commercial Vehicles disposal). The technical team will also look after the total cost of ownership, the running costs of customer’s vehicles to make sure we understand what they’re running at and see if it is aligned with what was promised (by us). I will also be involved in re-evaluating, constantly asking if we made the right decision together and if we’re on the right path.

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