Q&A with Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Rhenier Kapp, Part 2

There could be savings of up to 50% when automated trucks and buses are introduced – and experts anticipate that automated vehicles will revolutionise the transport industry. They will revolutionise the efficiency of mobility and logistics in the commercial vehicle space. That’s according to MAN Truck & Bus, a leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer in Munich, Germany. But how far along is driverless technology right now?

Q&A with Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Rhenier Kapp, Part 2

Can you give us an idea about a day in your life at work?

I’m currently in Mpumalanga and tomorrow I will go to Polokwane. Personal engagement is very important in the Commercial Vehicles space. Because of the amount of money our customers spend monthly on these assets, it’s important that they always get the best value. It’s a relationship-building thing and I don’t believe that relationships are built with communications via the telephone, it has to be done on-site. From a Commercial Vehicles point of view, you need to make sure you do route analysis for specification, you have to do site visits, loading points, all those types of things. Because if you don’t do them, and see it for yourself, you can quickly give the customer the wrong vehicle.

Engaging with customers means that you get your facts straight. A Commercial Vehicles guy is very clever. He knows what he wants, he knows what’s going on in his business and he’s quite savvy with what’s happening in the market. So when you engage with a customer, you need to make 100% sure that you know your stuff.

Thanks for chatting to us Rhenier, and sharing your insights on the Commercial Vehicles solution.

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