Rating the status of SA’s fleet management industry

Rating the status of SA’s fleet management industry

Berg Insight, a dedicated machine-to-machine/ Internet of Things market research firm in Sweden provided an extensive report. Below are a few highlights of the report:

The installed base of fleet management systems in South Africa is set to reach 1.9 million units by 2021 despite the country’s weak economic performance. The firm opines that the market is in a growth period that looks set to continue. For the total population of non-privately owned fleet vehicles used by businesses, the penetration rate will rise from 24.1% to 39.6% in 2021. But not all these fleet management systems are advanced solutions, many are low-end tracking systems that include stolen vehicle recovery systems with only basic fleet management features.

A competitive market

The market research firm stated in its previous report that South Africa has a very competitive fleet management sector. The country manages the fleets of corporations and government agencies with leased passenger vehicles making up 11% of a total vehicle population of 11.5 million vehicles and about 70% of all new cars being purchased for the corporate fleet – which is a growing force numbering 1.3 million passenger cars at present.

Looking at Africa

The report reflects the diversity of the continent when it looks at the rest of Africa. From a fleet management perspective, the continent can be divided into South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa) and northern Africa with South Africa ahead of the rest of the continent when it comes to the adoption of the fleet management system.

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