Spring safety tips for driving in the rain

Spring safety tips for driving in the rain

Avoid bad weather

Consider delaying your journey until the weather has cleared. It might not always be possible to do, but keeping your vehicle off the road during the worst weather is the safest option. The period just after it starts raining is particularly hazardous for drivers because the oils on the tarmac make the road slippery, so waiting a few minutes before you get back in your vehicle is a good idea.

Minimise distractions

Driving in extreme weather requires your full attention. Turn off your phone and turn down the radio to ensure that your attention is focused on driving.

Watch out for the wind

The wind might become a serious hazard for drivers during extreme weather conditions. Be aware of where winds might be strongest: in open spaces, on overpasses and in tunnels. Monitor larger vehicles including buses, trailers and caravans because they can be affected by strong winds and might veer out of their lanes. Make sure you have both hands on the wheel so that you have more control if the wind starts to move your vehicle.

Tips to drive in rainy conditions:

Reduce your speed to give you more time to react if anything goes wrong. Similarly, adding an extra couple of seconds to your following time will make it safer to drive in the rain.

Turn on your headlights to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers. Drivers have to contend with poor visibility in wet weather, so make sure your headlights are on.

Beware of hydroplaning which is a risk in bad weather. When a vehicle is travelling in rainy conditions, its tyres sometimes do not grip on the road surface but sit on a layer of water on the surface. Hydroplaning can make steering and braking harder and increases the risk that drivers will lose control of their vehicles.

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