Supercharge your fleet management strategies

supercharge your fleet management strategies

Keeping up with technology

With technology around fleet management becoming increasingly sophisticated, if you want to ensure that your fleet management strategies are still ahead of the competition you need to stay clued up. Using technology, you could be speeding up processes, strengthening communication and minimising risk through predictive analytics. You can track maintenance, be updated on where your vehicles are at any given time, and get updates on driver behaviour. If you aren’t using it, aren’t you worried that your competitors are? For more information on how automation has revolutionised fleet management check out this blog.

A knowledge of vehicles

Fleet Managers should have some knowledge of vehicles and the mechanics. Not that a Fleet Manager has to necessarily be a qualified engineer or mechanic but a certain knowledge is crucial in areas such as maintenance and fleet procurement.

Making sure you’re compliant

Another element of fleet management that is very important is being sure that the business is operating in the confines of the law. In South Africa this includes being sure of things like traffic fine payment, open road tolling and compliance in terms of tax and log books. Then there is also health and safety, licensing and certification.

The bigger picture

All fleet companies want to improve their bottom lines by improving their efficiencies and this is also a concern for companies that want to try and do their bit for the environment. Fleet Managers who can lower fuel expenditure are addressing both of these issues at the same time. Using technology that monitors fuel economy and carbon emissions.

The benefits of our value-added products for your fleet management strategies

Simply put, our solutions will power your fleet management strategies. From Traffic Fine Management which is designed to take care of the admin involved with traffic fines so that you don’t have to, to Intelligent Fuel Management which will put your mind to rest regarding fuel fraud. We also have Fleet Reporting for convenient daily management of your fleet, Accident Management to take the hassle out of dealing with accidents, and Telematics which uses technology to save you money.

We can provide you with up to date, proven value added solutions to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle fleet. Avis Fleet is a fleet management company with longstanding experience and expertise to help every fleet operating company optimise their fleet management strategies. We have a range of solutions designed for fleet needs. For more information about our value added products click here or feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you might have regarding our services.