What Fleet Managers of yesterday can teach Fleet Managers of today

What Fleet Managers of yesterday can teach Fleet Managers of today

Know the product

These days there is an emphasis placed on business management compared to old school managers who might have come up through the ranks and got to know their product first-hand. Not to say it’s not useful for managers to have a business or accounting background, but a knowledge of the basics about vehicle systems such as ignition, electronics, cooling, etc. is also important for effective fleet management.

Know the business

From buying and selling fleet vehicles, to knowing exactly what happens when an order goes through, how cars are priced, and the ins and outs of invoicing, knowing the intricacies of the business will help Fleet Managers to resolve problems when they arise. Fleet Managers from the past were hands on about all aspects including procurement, advertising, maintenance, fleet lifecycle etc. Being on top of every part of the business gives Fleet Managers insight and sets them in good stead to make contingency plans when challenges come up.

Know the numbers

In the old days Fleet Managers would’ve needed to be more on top of manual accounting and financial processes and be directly involved in leasing vs. ownership, calculating lease rate factors, and so on. Modern Fleet Management might not be required to perform these processes anymore, since this is mostly automated, but they still need to have an understanding of these processes so that they can make informed decisions pertaining to the business.

Old meets new

Technology has changed the face of our industry but at its core our business remains the same. Fleet Managers still want to provide a quality service and take the best care we can of our fleet to ensure that our customers and staff are happy, our cargo is well looked after and our businesses are as competitive as they can be. One way of ensuring that you are on top of every detail of your business is by using fleet reporting. Designed as a quick reference assistance product you can access information on every vehicle you have in your fleet including contract details, vehicle inspection details, fuel transactions, full vehicle specifications etc. Fleet management includes many different aspects, from keeping track of a driver's whereabouts to keeping fuel costs down, vehicle maintenance and, of course, road safety.

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