Why is fleet management important for HR?

Why is fleet management appurtenant for HR?

Here, Avis Fleet gives expert insight as to why fleet management should be a core priority for HR managers.

1. A fleet driver’s behaviour is also the responsibility of the HR department

The privilege of having a company car means a great deal of responsibility and accountability for the driver. The challenge for HR departments however, is to understand how to manage fleet driving behaviour and to implement the correct processes. Often, HR staff are not skilled enough in the complex task of fleet management, but are burdened with aspects of its organisation. This is where the services of a specialist fleet management company are essential. Avis Fleet offers the Telematics solution that HR managers could make use of.

The features of the Telematics product include gauging when a driver:

  • Speeds excessively;
  • Over-revs;
  • Idles;
  • Brakes too fast;
  • Takes inefficient routes to carry out business activities;
  • Begins and ends their journeys.

Avis Fleet has the additional feature of alerting the driver if they are in excess of the speed limit, enabling the driver to self-correct. This is an essential tool for the HR department as instead of the driver gathering traffic fines, Telematics prevents the situation from escalating. The Telematics report may also give helpful indications where a driver could be further trained.

2. Transparency and visibility of data, such as what a fleet specialist offers, is an excellent tool to help HR managers identify employee challenges

An article in HR Magazine claim, “pitfalls include a drop in visibility of data, as fleet owning companies typically limit performance reporting to bare essentials. There’s also the risk of losing corporate accountability, as out of sight can often translate into out of mind…There need to be procedures…to monitor performance, analyse risk and work with providers to achieve a safe and compliant operation.” This is where fleet reporting is crucial.

An HR department’s need for transparent information, in an easily digestible and concise format, is met by Avis Fleet’s Fleet Interactive platform. This allows businesses to efficiently and effectively manage daily fleet requirements at the touch of a button. Fleet Interactive is a web-based system and a reporting portal. It’s a quick reference assistant to access all management details behind every fleet vehicle.

3. Fuel fraud is a huge thorn in the side for HR departments

Unfortunately, fleet drivers are the main culprits of fuel card theft and fraud, with petrol stations being places of gross misconduct. An employee could be dismissed for this and Avis Fleet’s Intelligent Fuel Management product could provide the backing data. Fuel usage data is consolidated, examined and integrated into a single report by Avis Fuel Management product. In addition, Avis Fleet has set up a system to detect theft and fraud in real time that allows you to investigate within the first three days of a transaction taking place.

Of course, working together and partnering with employees is first prize for HR departments. Call Avis Fleet today to discuss a shaped solution.