Accidents are stressful and disruptive, that's why we have a solution to ensure your fleet remains on the road without any major disruptions to you. With our accident management solution, we take care of the red tape and ensure that you are supported throughout this often frustrating process. From a 24/7 call centre for reporting the accident, to arranging for towing services, managing the repair work, and arranging replacement vehicles, our fleet accident management solution deals with the paperwork so you don’t have to. We take care of various administrative tasks including sourcing repair work and replacement parts, monitoring repair work, and liaising with insurance providers. To assist you in identifying trends and manage risks, Avis Fleet will submit a report providing the cause and cost of the accident. Choosing this unique service means we are your eyes and ears. We reduce the time your vehicle is out of use, eliminate extra workload and most importantly, make sure that your productivity level is not compromised by providing replacement vehicles immediately at a highly competitive rate. Even at the best of times accidents are utterly inconvenient, costing companies thousands of rands in repair costs, driver and production downtime and insurance administration. But by using our fleet accident management solution you can eliminate the stress and hassle.

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