Fuel card fraud and fuel theft is responsible for massive financial losses in many businesses. Avis Fleet can help you save, in some instances up to 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumption costs through our Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) solution which has a 90% accuracy rate. Whether you are concerned about taking control of your fleet's fuel consumption or want to reduce the risk of fraud, theft and abuse on your fuel cards, Intelligent Fuel Managment is the solution for you. Our fuel management system offers extensive analysis and exception reporting using our in-house developed software. Every transaction made via a fuel card by a driver in your fleet, is analysed and reported on so that any suspicious behaviour can be queried. Alerts are sent to Fleet Managers to ensure that fuel fraud can be acted on swiftly to prevent fuel card abuse. Another advantage of this solution is that Fleet Managers can receive significant fuel rebates from the structured fuel partnerships that Avis Fleet has with fuel companies which are geared to save fleet managers money. Fuel costs are one of the largest financial problems for fleet companies and saving money on fuel will go a long way towards the successes of your company.

Intelligent Fuel Management offers the following unique features:

Colour coded warning indicators such as;

  • low fuel consumption
  • suspect low odometer readings
  • static odometer readings
  • tank capacity exceeded
  • weekend refuel
  • suspect registration number
  • suspect consumption forms
  • out of boundary fuel stations

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