Green Fleet is designed for environmentally conscious companies who are concerned about the impact their vehicles have on the environment. While vehicles contribute a relatively small amount to the total carbon emissions at a mere 9,9%, there is a lot that we can do to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint. Our "sweet spot" quotation tool will determine the right vehicle for you. A vehicle which is perfectly suited to the purpose it’s required to perform, taking into account the weight of the load, distance it will have to travel etc., keeps CO2 emissions as low as possible. We also have an extensive vehicle database of carbon discharges which can be used for indicative reporting for the amount of carbon emissions your fleet vehicles will release. The easiest way for you and your company to reduce energy costs – and to be kinder to the environment , not to mention save money – is simply to consume less fuel. Many techniques can be employed through Telematics to make sure things are running optimally and monitor driver behaviour and help you to achieve better emission levels. Ultimately we would like to contribute towards helping the environment that's why we offer a Green Fleet solution. This solution can also provide you with measurable results for your company's social responsibility reporting.

Optimum life cost of your fleet vehicles

With our “sweet spot” quotation tool, we can offer you the right vehicle, for the right time period and mileage, taking into consideration CO2 omissions, ensuring you get the optimum life cost of your fleet vehicles.

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