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Our fleet management solutions will help you maximise your profits by aligning your fleet's leasing requirements with your business strategy. We begin by conducting a comprehensive audit to evaluate every cost that your fleet incurs. Our 360° audit will look at every aspect of your fleet's running costs to help us gain a better understanding of your fleet, so we can focus on increasing productivity and reducing expenses. Our fleet audit takes into consideration procurement costs, current maintenance processes, a comprehensive fuel audit and assessment of your fuel management process, and even the cost of vehicle disposal. With our business intelligence software, we will tailor the contract term and kilometre allocation by vehicle so that it best suits your business plan. Going forward, our fleet expert will provide you with valuable data to inform your best practice. Once implemented, these decisions are tracked through frequent customer reviews and supported by an industry leading business intelligence platform. As your outsourced fleet management partner we employ expert analysis to find exactly how and where we can apply our solutions for the best results, always keeping your bottom lines in mind. With budget optimisation, our focus is on “sweet spot” analysis, total cost of ownership, and fuel costs – allowing you the opportunity to make an educated decision on the best fleet management solution for your business.

Avis Fleet’s 360 degree fleet audit will:

  • evaluate current procurement costs
  • analyse maintenance processes
  • include a fuel audit to assess costs
  • advise on an appropriate vehicle disposal strategy

Avis Fleet’s superior business intelligence software will:

  • determine the best contract term and km allocation by vehicle
  • provide quantifiable insight to help you reduce costs

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