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Navigating the regulations of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) or the Criminal Procedures Act (CPA), which is still used in areas outside of Johannesburg and Tshwane, is time-consuming and laborious. Companies are increasingly outsourcing these tasks so that they can concentrate on their core business concerns. At Avis Fleet, we will navigate these regulations on your behalf with our Traffic Fine Management Solution (TFMS). Not only is this solution fully in line with legislation, it is user-friendly, cost-effective, and operationally viable. This solution makes drivers more liable for their traffic violations, taking the responsibility away from the company. Previously, fines were made out to in the company name or in the name of someone representing the company, a proxy. Through the process of redirecting the fine from the company or proxy into the driver's name, in his personal capacity, fines management places responsibility on the driver to pay the fine. Companies save money on paying the fines themselves and on the administrative hours spent dealing with fines. Apart from monitoring the demerit points which drivers incur for bad driving (under AARTO), TFMS also supplies you with a reporting portal. Fleet Managers can now use the fine management solution to see how many fines were incurred every month and which of their drivers are receiving these fines. Fleet Managers will be able to easily find out about the status of infringements including redirected fines, pending fines and fines paid on the company's behalf.

TFMS provides an overview of:

  • the top 10 fine issuing authorities for your fleet
  • infringements by region/account
  • infringement statuses
  • infringements paid
  • infringements redirected
  • infringements pending redirection, etc
  • top 10 offenders

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