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We pride ourselves on being a fleet management company that is flexible. and tailors our solutions to suit your unique business needs. Fleet financing is one of the ways that we can offer our customers choices that will be best for them. We offer full maintenance leasing to make vehicle management much simpler, taking care of all maintenance at a fixed monthly rate so you don't have to worry about the longterm costs and risks involved with owning a vehicle. One of the biggest benefits to business with this option is that as there is no capital outlay for the period of the lease there is a positive effect on cash flow. Since cost monitoring is fixed for the duration of the lease, you are able to factor this into your budget as a predictable expense, not to mention the fact that outsourcing the management of your fleet will relieve you of the administrative burden, including licensing and traffic fines. Avis Fleet will send you monthly management reports to make sure you are always in the driving seat where your fleet management is concerned.

The Solution:

  • means you only pay for usage
  • includes maintenance
  • chooses the vehicles for you, for a set period and distance, at a fixed monthly rate

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