fleet management

Our fleet management solutions provide you with the expertise, experience, and technology to enhance the operation of your vehicles. Our solutions are uniquely shaped around your business vision and objectives, and easily adapted as your needs change to help you get maximum business mileage from your corporate fleet management.



Seamless Solutions

We are always looking for new ways of better integrating our products and services for our customers. We look at every aspect of your fleet management and tailor our solutions to make sure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.



People Who Care

We know that your business has daily service delivery requirements. As your fleet management company we undertake to deliver the best quality service because we care about our customers. Avis Fleet also extends this ethos into social initiatives to improve the world around us.



Business Understanding

Our fleet management team is well-trained and focused on business strategy delivery. We thrive on innovative thinking and knowledge sharing. All of our solutions provide you with our expertise and technology to ensure your fleet company stays ahead of the competition.




We aim to provide flexible and professional fleet management solutions that reduce the costs, risk and hassle of fleet management.



Continuous Improvement

As part of our continued effort to be a leading fleet management company, we listen to our customers and look for ways to better our product offering. We are constantly working on ways to enhance and reshape our solutions.

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Toll-Free Number

0800 540 740

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