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Polite, courteous & knowledgeable employees

“Avis Fleet employees, from our Key Account Executive through to the Regional Director plus the Marketing Executive, are very visible and always polite, courteous, knowledgeable and able to assist on all Fleet issues.”

Solid and reliable supplier

“I can confidently recommend Avis Fleet as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.”

Big 5 principles and company values

“Within the services provided by Avis Fleet, we identify our very own “Big 5 Principles and Company Values” of Professionalism, Reliability, Competency, Honour and Trustworthiness, supported by a proactive and equally focused approach to managing the integrity of our substantial daily Fleet Management requirements.”

Why we chose Avis Fleet

"One of the biggest reasons for choosing Avis Fleet are that we have a precise history of what was spent on the vehicle in terms of maintenance and so forth.  This assists us not only from a financial point of view but it also points out abuse of the vehicle.  Another reason is that we are assured of vehicles not getting too old or the mileage getting too high.  This means a better resale value which is a benefit for us (our monthly instalment is cheaper)”

Solid, reliable provider

“we have always received professional and friendly help from the Avis Fleet branch in Bloemfontein and can recommend them without a doubt as a solid, reliable provider of vehicle management.”

Superior and reliable fleet management

“We are pleased to have partnered with Avis Fleet for the outsourcing of our fleet management requirement. Avis Fleet continues to provide superior and reliable fleet management advice, vehicle procurement and management services as well as reporting.”

High levels of service

“Avis Fleet have been providing fleet management advice and expertise to our company for the past 14 years with the contract appointment and signing being made in 1999.  As our Fleet Management service provider of choice, we are pleased to confirm that our partnership with Avis Fleet continues to deliver high levels of service across a cast and complex national footprint.”

Operational success

“We view our longstanding partnership with Avis Fleet as a component of the operational success within our organisation.”

Excellent support since 1996

“I have personally dealt with Avis Fleet since 2007, although the relationship dates back to 1996.  During this time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of Leasing and Fleet Management Services, managed maintenance, fleet selection and management of fines.  Their professionalism has ensured that we are able to concentrate on our core business knowing that our fleet is being both efficiently and effectively managed.”

Reliable and effective

“I can confirm that they are reliable and effective.  They are professional and efficient in their approach and do not hesitate to offer assistance when needed.”

In partnership with Avis Fleet since 1990

“We have been in a business partnership with Avis Fleet since August 1990.  They manage 17 of our auxiliary vehicles.  The consultants supply meaningful recommendations and inputs when it is time to replace vehicles, and also regarding the management of our vehicles”

150 vehicle fleet

“We have a fleet of approximately 150 vehicles.  With the help of our Key Account Executive, our fleet is one of the top performers, financially, in the company”

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Toll-Free Number

0800 540 740

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